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Letter to Our Customers--March 10th, 2017

 *Rejuvenation! * {Semi}Retirement! * Renewal! * Relaxation! * Revamping!

We have some MAJOR NEWS regarding The Front Porch! After several years of careful consideration, we have decided to change the way we operate our retail business from a full-time, open everyday business framework to a "pop-up" seasonal store.

Whoa right? So….what does this mean exactly? The short version is this:

1) We are going to start a "Semi-Retirement Sale" shortly and intend to offer our current inventory throughout the store on sale at a gradually reducing % off. We will continue that through May hopefully ending it up around Memorial Day. We have been ordering like crazy for both sides of the store over the past month so the shop is overflowing with great new spring/summer/everyday items both in decor AND the boutique. Great time to stock up on gifts and decor for your home too!

2) Then....we will be closed all summer!

3) We will open back up around mid-September/October 1st for Fall & Christmas and stay open through the end of the year. (Probably end on New Year’s Day!) We will be coming back this fall with BOTH sides of our store. Not just fall and holiday decor but also the boutique and gift side! So basically no difference from what you are used to at The Front Porch. We will also be continuing with General Finishes Paint products! We will have a full demo/class schedule as well during our pop-up times.

4) We will remain in our current location. We are so fortunate that our landlord is very supportive of our new plan and has made it possible for us to do this. We are actually pinching ourselves that we are still able to do what we love --but do it in a way that allows us to scale back a bit!

5) If all goes well during this Fall/Christmas 2017 "pop-up" we are considering popping up perhaps TWICE next year! Once definitely for the 2018 holiday season but also another time possibly for Spring from March 1st-May 31st. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding that towards the end of this year! 

7) On another exciting note we will be announcing our ONLINE STORE in the next few months as well. A project we have been working on for some time and are so excited to launch! (clothing, jewelry, gifts and some decor)

 We want to reassure you that we do not intend to close The Front Porch completely! We also want to assure you that we will continue to decorate for you in your home during the holidays (for as long as you want us too! haha) we would never give up our in-house decorating customers as we have become so close to all of you!

This new format is in response to our own soul-searching and desire for more work/home-life balance. We know it is no mystery to you how many hours it requires to own your own business. This change is in response to our desire to carve more time out for our family and take a breath occasionally! We are super excited about this change. We know it will be sad for some but we feel strongly this is the perfect compromise for ourselves and our customers.

 So with all this said--NOW is the time for us to get after any other everyday design projects you may have been thinking about doing this year. The sooner the better too as once our Retirement Sale starts we are anticipating the inventory flying out the door quickly! (remember we will have a full new inventory for fall/Christmas so no worries there!) Let us know if there is anything you have been thinking about refreshing or redoing--we will be available to help!

 Thank you for being a huge part of The Front Porch for many years--without customers like you we could not have built the following we have which enables us to take this next step in this unconventional way. Our customer list is such a blessing to us—it enables us to create this new concept with confidence our customers will remain loyal even with the shortened hours.

Feel free to email us at or call 262-521-2100 if you have any questions/requests. We will be around most days for the next 3 months handling all the changes.

Thanks again for your continual support,

Vicki & Ann

NOTE: starting March 15th we will return to regular hours being open till 8pm every weeknight!