APC Ellis Collection

Ellis Collection, a limited edition of 12 old-world colors, sold in pint sizes. In keeping with the euro look we all love, the collection includes 3 colors of Glaze finish; clear, brown and black.

They came for freedom, and with them, they brought their most prized possessions and necessities:  Peacock, Teacup, Limoges, Waistcoat, Leather Boots, Treasure Box, Parchment, Cameo, Crushed Tea, Sackcloth, Cannonball, and Voyage. As they arrived at Ellis Island and placed their feet on American soil, they ushered in the start of a dream for a better life. This is the Ellis Collection — a grouping of old-world colors brought together for a new beginning for your treasures.

American Paint Company Glaze Finish is a highly versatile and concentrated transparent glaze. It can be tinted with APC Micas, used as a color wash or to create a special aged finish. APC Glaze Finish has superior workability and can be used for a variety of looks.